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The Huddle Connection is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that connects young people to sports and fitness programs  as a means to meet their emotional, social, behavioral, and physical needs. 

We seek out existing, successful programs within a community that are already serving children and teens and connect them with a Huddle Participant. 

Our Huddle Participants have a range of needs. He or she might be in an addiction recovery program or in the juvenile court system. They might be a target of bullying. A Huddle Participant might struggle with self-esteem, depression, or anxiety. He or she might have autism or developmental deficiencies. 

The Huddle Connection is the liaison between the participant and the qualifying sports or fitness program to establish community, consistency, and connection. Our mission is to help facilitate and meet the objectives of our Huddle Participant.  

Paraplegic Sporting Event


These are our Huddle Connectors. All it takes is a step up and move forward. 

Kate Frank

Founder and CEO

Kate started the Huddle Connection in 2007. Since then, she's been working to bring team sports and community-based fitness programs to those who are often overlooked or at a disadvantage.

Jennifer Pishko

Program Director and Education Liaison 

Jennifer Pishko founded Chagrin Falls CrossFit in 2015. Prior to that, Jennifer was the Program Director for a national youth sports organization connecting 20,000 youths each year to a wide variety of team-based sports programs. 


Jennifer's mission includes bringing the value of fitness and wellness education to all youths, in hopes of instilling a lifelong love of movement and sustainable healthy habits. 

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